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Habibi means “my love” in Arabic, but is also used in the Levant region as “buddy”, like the Hindi word bhaiya.

Falafel originated centuries ago in the Middle East. Today, it is one of the most popular street foods in the region and worldwide. Quite simply, falafel is a crispy and crunchy ball made from a paste that is a flavorful mix of chickpea (chana) and spices. It is most commonly eaten in a pita pocket or wrapped in flatbread and layered with hummus, vegetables, pickles and tahina sauce.

With Habibi Falafel, Bangalore will spark its own love of Middle Eastern street food with our 100% authentic, fresh, affordable, quick and healthy falafel rolls and sandwiches.

Mediterranean Food


Authentic Street Food

Fresh, Homemade and All Natural

At Habibi Falafel we pride ourselves on not only having the most authentic falafel you can find, but also the freshest. Everything is homemade, from our falafel balls, which are fried to perfection right before your eyes the moment you order, freshly cut veggies of your choice from our salad bar, homemade hummus, mutabbal, tahina, and our pita bread, always baked fresh daily in our ovens.

We even pickle our own cucumbers, carrots and green chilis to make sure everything you’re eating is all-natural.